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Introducing our exquisite Gold-n-Gems candle holders, available in two enchanting scents: Endless Love and Lemon Lush. Crafted with opulent gold accents and adorned with shimmering gems, these candle holders add a touch of luxury to any space. Immerse yourself in the romantic aroma of Endless Love, a captivating blend of floral notes, or indulge in the refreshing citrus fragrance of Lemon Lush.

Whether you're creating a cozy ambiance for a romantic evening or brightening up your home with a burst of citrus freshness, our Gold-n-Gems candle holders are the perfect choice.

Dimensions -

Endless Love 10.75 x 4"

Lemon Lush 12.6" x 4"

Gold-n-Gems Sale price$40.00


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