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Three Tier Fish Bowl

Sale price$175.00

Introducing our Three-Tier Fish Bowl, a captivating centerpiece that brings the beauty of the ocean into your space. This intricately designed fish bowl consists of three tiers, each filled with delightful elements that create a mesmerizing underwater scene.

The first tier features an array of seashells, decorative balls, and other captivating embellishments. These elements add texture, depth, and visual interest, setting the stage for the aquatic wonderland above.

The second tier is where the magic truly unfolds. It showcases a mesmerizing combination of blue and green sand, evoking the colors of the sea. Among the sands, you'll discover seashells, fish, and other sea decorations that bring life to the scene. A diver figurine adds a touch of adventure and exploration, as if taking you on a journey through the underwater world.

The top tier is a visual feast of contrasting dark and light blue sands, as well as dark and light green sands. These colors beautifully blend together, creating a captivating display reminiscent of ocean waves and vibrant coral reefs. The tier is adorned with stunning and colorful shells that add a touch of whimsy and enchantment.

To enhance the atmosphere, two candle wicks are placed within the fish bowl. These candles are delicately scented with Fresh Linen, infusing the air with a crisp and clean fragrance reminiscent of freshly laundered linens. The gentle glow of the candles adds warmth and coziness to the aquatic scene, further enhancing the overall ambiance.

Dimensions: 17.25" x 6.25" (heavy item)

Three Tier Fish Bowl
Three Tier Fish Bowl Sale price$175.00

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